Inbound Marketing – SEO and much more

Have you heard about SEO?

SEO was a set of techniques employed to improve a website’s ranking in search engine results.

Well, SEO is dead…

The old days of search engine manipulation are gone. And they are gone for the better of the internet.

What? Will I be able to improve my website’s rankings? Yes

You can still get better rankings in search engine results. However, SEO will not be enough.

So you say we don’t need SEO?

Yes you need SEO. You still need to develop websites that follow the standards, both behind the scenes (in the code) and visually appealing. So you need to do SEO, but that does not grant you the best position anymore. You have to differentiate yourself from all the people that are already doing it.

How can I get better rankings in search engines? In short: Get Better

Search engine algorithms are getting so smart, that it’s getting harder/dangerous to trick them. In the old days you could try to manipulate them, nowadays those techniques can get you blacklisted.

If no trickery is allowed then how can I get to the top positions? Through good communication

The truth is that you cannot decieve the search engines anymore. Your last option is simple: provide your target users the content they deserve.

This is the most basic rule that will almost always grant you success.